An AU Kingdom Heart/Final Fantasy world in the midst of a war ravaged world, where keyblade wielders find themselves as tools of war or fugitives of the state
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 Freya, The Southern Fire

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PostSubject: Freya, The Southern Fire   Tue Nov 11, 2014 5:00 pm


Age: 13

Sex: Female

Orientation: Bicurious/Straight

Relationship/Crush: N/A

Keyblade (If Keyblade Wielder): N.A

Weapon (If non-keyblade wielder):

Freya uses a longbow made of a special kind of metal forged from a meteorite. The quiver and arrow tips are forged from the same metal. The arrowheads contain a special hollow inside through which Freya can easily channel her flames into them.

Secondary Weapons:

Type of Magic (Thunder, Aero, Fire, Blizzard, or Cure): Fire

Freya is a young girl just going through puberty. She has short brown hair, soft grey eyes, and a slim, almost scarily so, figure. She stands at a short 5'3", 5'5" when she stands on her tip toes, as she often does. Her typical attire consists of a white hooded jacket and a red scarf over top of a simple soft orchid blouse and a skirt that reaches down to her knees. She most often wears either long leather boots or sandals, depending on the situation.

Freya is slow to trust, owing to her many years living as a slave in Euno. While she does seem to trust people of Kiran background more quickly, she is least guarded around the two Fangs who she views responsible for her rescue, Malcolm and Lia. She sees the pair as surrogate parents, though her affection is less love and more adoration and respect. She is relatively normal besides, and in fact has a ridiculous sweet tooth after having discovered 'desserts'. In addition to this, she has an uncanny hatred for any Eunoian peoples, leading her to take extreme actions, sometimes without provocation.

Freya was born in a slave camp in southern Euno, a place never once reached by Kiran forces during the Third Crusade. Her childhood was spent doing increasingly more strenuous tasks as her body developed physically, from picking up loose pebbles in the quarries to pushing the mining cart to eventually pushing the carts along with other slave children. Her parents died when she was six, planting in her the seeds of hatred. After many long years working in the quarries, eventually she and others were sent to work at a chemical plant. Here, Freya took her chance, slipping aboard one of the frigates used to transport chemicals. She stole a gas mask, then ruptured the tanks of neurotoxin, killing the crew and causing the ship to drift into Kiran territory. Here, she was rescued by the Kiran battlecruiser Valanthus, and most prominently by 12 Fangs members Malcolm Hunter and Lia Crystal. After being questioned about the incident, she was released into the care of the Fangs, and after some discussion was offered the seat of Orchid Fang, one that she happily took.

When Freya uses her fire magic, her hair shifts from a light brown to flickering orange and yellow (Picture how the sun reflects off the hair in the reference picture)

"I will not be stopped. Not by you, or the Confederates, or the Protoss, or anyone. I will rule this sector or see it burnt to ashes around me!" - Arcturus Mengsk, Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty

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PostSubject: Re: Freya, The Southern Fire   Wed Nov 12, 2014 10:18 am

Accepted <3
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Freya, The Southern Fire
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