An AU Kingdom Heart/Final Fantasy world in the midst of a war ravaged world, where keyblade wielders find themselves as tools of war or fugitives of the state
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 Twin giants' office (open RP)

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Twin giants' office (open RP) Empty
PostSubject: Twin giants' office (open RP)   Twin giants' office (open RP) I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 05, 2014 3:54 pm

The bulletin board had all kinds of posters, from sale products to escort service. One of these posters was poster that had two fierce exactly same looking men. It had a small text under the picture: ''Need a pair of muscle and no brains? Do you feel unsafe travelling outside the city? Need to get back to an ex boy/girlfriend? Contact the Twin Giants! We will work for you as long as the job has some sort need for violence! No questions asked, no telling to the officals and no REFUNDS!''
The contact info told that the office was located far from any tourist site, in the bad site of town, where getting mugged was daily routine for the residents.

Jorgen sat on his cheap leather armchair, his feet resting on a desk that seemed to be pulled from a dumpster. He stared at the ceiling fan that spinned slowly. His brother, Jorgun, also sat on a similiar looking chair, legs also resting on the desk. He was snapping his finger creating a small fire and then making it dissapear. Both looked extremly bored. Their business wasn't exactly booming. They had done few oddjobs, just enough to cover the rent and the food. They didn't have enough money for apartment so they usually slept on their chairs. A cheap sign hanged from the door saying: ''OPEN''
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Twin giants' office (open RP)
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