An AU Kingdom Heart/Final Fantasy world in the midst of a war ravaged world, where keyblade wielders find themselves as tools of war or fugitives of the state
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PostSubject: Technology   Technology I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 23, 2014 11:33 pm

The level of technology in Altsia is quite astounding. Both Euno and Kira employ a highly advanced military. Airships are powered by large fusion reactors, though are presently only reserved for military use. Kira allows for civilian aircraft, while Euno requires all pilots to sign a military contract that in the event of war they will be conscripted into the military. Soldiers wear amazingly protective body armor. Even the archaic looking armor worn by Euno's Royal Guard is capable of withstanding some conventional armaments. All in all, the world of Altsia benefits, and suffers, from amazing technological advances.

Example, Kira's Fort Kyllion
Technology 021833728_prevstill

Shown above: The Kiran Aerial Destroyer Valanthus, as well as several airfields, solar fields, and a radar station.

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