An AU Kingdom Heart/Final Fantasy world in the midst of a war ravaged world, where keyblade wielders find themselves as tools of war or fugitives of the state
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 Lia Krystle: White Fang, Sword Dancer

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Mistress Lani

Mistress Lani

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PostSubject: Lia Krystle: White Fang, Sword Dancer   Lia Krystle: White Fang, Sword Dancer I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 14, 2014 8:03 pm

Name: Lia Krystle
Lia Krystle: White Fang, Sword Dancer YS0v6ac
Lia Krystle: White Fang, Sword Dancer 9rbwHbJ




Malcolm Hunter

Keyblade (If Keyblade Wielder):
Lia Krystle: White Fang, Sword Dancer 8MsP94P

White Fang

Type of Magic:

Her eyes are like crystals, as cold and haunting as ice itself. Her skin is unusually pale, refusing to either tan or burn, though the reasoning why is unknown. Hair like raven feathers and lips the sweet, puckered, pale-pink of faded roses, the texture just the same. She is small of stature, measuring about five feet and a single inch, with a body built for speed --- and as her more lewd instructors would say, the bedroom. Her figure is toned but not overtly muscular, more flexible and stealthy than any warrior.

When casting, especially higher forms, her appearance changes drastically. Her skin appears to crack at parts and is so cold to the touch that one could freeze on contact. Lia's eyes begin to glow like a spirit, ethereal and phantasmal. Frost creeps along her flesh and possessions, and her hair and clothing appears as though she has been left out in the snow.
Lia Krystle: White Fang, Sword Dancer 5Yy5uv2

INFP: The Idealist | The Dreamer
Lia is manipulative, known to fixate on a goal and drive herself to complete it, though much of her gets side-tracked with smaller goals along the way. Because of the nature of her training, she is accustomed to uncovering everything of another person, of extracting information, but is incredibly socially awkward otherwise. She can play the part of actress, can tell the story and lies that she rehearses, but is unable to give herself away personally.

A child of nobility, Lia has been held to the highest standards of Kiran society with the most valuable educations that could be offered. Since she could talk, she has been taught to persuade, to understand the world, history, and its philosophies. She holds dearly to the ways of Kira, with a strong lean towards its politics and courts. She is among the youngest to be considered a courtier, though her persuasion and knack for deception has her sent more like a undercover agent. It is for this reason that she was trained, alongside her schooling, as a spy. Her unit was an obvious choice among her superiors: The 12 Fangs.
The first to be accepted under the title of "The White Fang" since Sheila's death, Lia is more than well accustomed to being the dirt beneath Malcolm's boot and held to far higher standards than any others. Still, she shows great potential, as one would expect of someone that had been training since she could move.

Lia was originally though to end up being a Cure mage, with her Blizzard magicks catching her parents off-guard. Because of her training, however, she is capable of detecting medicinal problems, she is just powerless to do anything about them, magically. This fact troubles and saddens her greatly, but she keeps medical kits and supplies on her at all times, though her other training have rendered her with little time to learn all that, at least she feels, necessary.
In addition, she is trained with daggers, two of which (custom-made) that she keeps on her at all times. She is far more adept with them than she is with her own blade, Eclipse, and favors them greatly, despite the comparatively little damage that they are capable of.
Lia Krystle: White Fang, Sword Dancer R6MoKKQ
Winterthorn & Stormfury
Trainers: Malcolm Hunter
Kingdom: Kira

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Lia Krystle: White Fang, Sword Dancer Empty
PostSubject: Re: Lia Krystle: White Fang, Sword Dancer   Lia Krystle: White Fang, Sword Dancer I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 21, 2014 3:27 pm


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Lia Krystle: White Fang, Sword Dancer
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