An AU Kingdom Heart/Final Fantasy world in the midst of a war ravaged world, where keyblade wielders find themselves as tools of war or fugitives of the state
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Mistress Lani

Mistress Lani

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PostSubject: Rose   Rose I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 14, 2014 3:53 pm

Name: Rosaline Banderas

Rose 5SiNLg6
Rose FOtJNUd




Not Available

Keyblade (If Keyblade Wielder)
Rose 8tY0pmU
"Heart Strings"
Rosaline's weapon is a violin-style weapon fashioned at the same length as a standard short sword. She uses air waves to release the majority of her attacks, but the weapon is used as an instrument in its own right as well; through Heart, she is capable of channeling emotions and influencing, though not necessarily altering or controlling, the emotions of others around her. By doing this, she is able to convey anything that standard music is capable of: fear, pain, sorrow, intimidation, hatred, etc. etc. The solid end at the top of the frets can be used as a bludgeoning instrument, and each of the hooked portions can, too, be used as actual blades and hooks in combat. The strings are far beyond razor sharp, able to cut and snare with the barest of touches. For this reason, not even Rose is able to play without the bow, and even then only with careful, practiced ease and heavy coverings for her hands. While much of the instrument-weapon can be repaired by Rose herself, the strings are another story entirely. Should a string from either the main body or the smaller harp (played by the hook(s) of the bow) snap, only a highly trained, and thus incredibly rare, professional may fix it.

Type of Magic (Thunder, Aero, Fire, Blizzard, or Cure): Aero

Depending upon the lighting and her own particular surroundings, Rosaline's hair appears to be any color from a deep pink to an almost fire-engine red. She keeps it cut like the image pictured, with the top cropped back, never touching her neck, and the front symmetrical with a long portion on either side. This gives her a rather rebellious, though elegant look --- a theme she keeps up with in everything she does. Her limbs and fingers are long and slender, her nails seeming at all times to, impossibly, be perfectly filed and well-kept. Her body, despite its frail and thin appearance, is almost all pure, raw muscle. Her skin seems almost to have never faced the cruelty of injury, as not a single scar is visible on ever a square centimeter of her flesh. Her eyes seem inhuman, almost metallic, blending and dancing between silver and grey.
Her clothing is high-end and elegant but revealing, with the top seeming to barely be clinging to her breasts and showing a deep cleavage. The waist is accentuated by an under-bust corset that maintains the shape and also works as an unexpected armor. Though the bottom of the dress cannot be seen, the back appears like a to look like a standard Victorian-era gown, though the frame that holds it's shape is a hardy metal of almost unknown origin. The front is open, and her legs are clad in leather and chain mail, woven so securely that it makes little to no noise, though it is incredibly easy for her to become overheated in certain environments.
Outside of her battle gown, she is found in tight leather pants, more out of habit than anything else, with a loose white blouse, sleeves puffed, and a leather clincher, kept just slightly tighter than her armor corset. At all times, she has dark, knee-high leather, tie-up boots with hidden blades within the toes and heels. Her hands are adorned in various gloves, some with fingers and others without, some that double as armor and others that do not, though all of them are strikingly aesthetic.

INTP: The Thinker
Harsh and unforgiving, the weapon trained and escaped as an assassin, Rose can fill the role of any common adventurer, thief, assassin, or bard --- but always a rogue. She is tricky and contemplative, silent but strikingly, astonishingly deadly. Rarely speaking, always observing, always waiting for a chance to intervene if and when she deems it necessary. She is weapon, the hand of the army, the soldier, the warrior --- nothing more but a deadly design in a pretty face. Despite how well she maintains her physical appearance, a process that, in many ways, seems almost effortless, she cares nothing of it --- or so she claims.

Born, and planned to be raised in, Mydar, her first couple of years faced little distress until the Third Crusade began and purged her home. Like so many others, she was abducted, stolen and trained. When an early puberty brought forth her capability to summon her own blade, her training and slavery upbringing were swapped, her lineage forged. From then on, she was claimed to be of nobility and raised accordingly; much of her slavery upbringing was forgotten through both magic and suggestion, and in many ways, she has long forgotten who she was.
Rose was the name she was born with, her last name lost in the ashes of destruction. Upon adoption and transformation, her name was tweaked to Rosaline --- different and distinguished enough for her high status, but similar enough to blend into her memories, suggesting to her subconscious that this was who she always was. Training regimes were all but brutal, suffering more behind turned eyes than ever within a well-paid nobleman's sights.
Her suitors were many; her black-widow victims greater. Sex means nothing to her, though she has never allowed another to penetrate her; she has been betrothed several times, and widowed thrice. No proof has arisen in regards to the nature of their deaths or the disappearances of the suitors.
As it currently stands, she is a rebellious lieutenant amongst the ranks of the Eunosian armies. Never once noticeably disciplined, it seems to many that she is merely hard and unyielding, that she always gets her way. In truth, she is often almost hypnotized into submission.

With the exceptions of her Black-Widow killings, she leaves a single rose, the color and stylization of which changes based on a number of factors, atop the slaughter or amidst the battlefield.

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