An AU Kingdom Heart/Final Fantasy world in the midst of a war ravaged world, where keyblade wielders find themselves as tools of war or fugitives of the state
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 Long, Kent

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PostSubject: Long, Kent   Long, Kent I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 13, 2014 3:40 pm

Name: Kent Long

Image: Long, Kent Male_samurai_by_kanokokahirii-d345k6a

Age: 24

Sex: Male

Orientation: Straight

Relationship/Crush: N/A

Keyblade (Tenebrex) Long, Kent Keyblade_-_Tenebrex

Type of Magic (Thunder, Aero, Fire, Blizzard, or Cure): Aero

Appearance: Kent looks like a typical samurai, he wears a dark blue gi, and a white undershirt beneath his iconic fur lined duster jacket and finger-less gloves. He's a pale skinned gentleman, with thick brown hair that stands on it's own, defying gravity. His eyebrows are thick, and the same brown as his eyes, and he has the longest ears you've seen, and he's the most determined bastard you've ever seen.

Personality: A headstrong, and determined fighter, only looking for one thing in the world, and that is defend the Kingdom of Kira, his last standing solitude in his long battle to undo the costs of the war. He's not the type of people to punch first and ask later, quite the opposite entirely, he only intends harm to those who stand against him and the goddess Kirigona.

History: On the night General Rage struck the city of Mydar, Kent was still very young, in fact he was just born, the world was so pristine to him. His mind was not aloft with the thought of the war, and all the craziness the world held around him, and thoughts of what to come. He doesn't know how, why, or who saved him from the chaos that ensued there, but he swore to find out who kept him alive. Swore to find his family. And he swore to take his vengeance upon the man who so infamously wiped them of the face of the planet.

Misc: A traditional marking, the shape of a majestic bird that's very hard to identify, marks the location of his heart. It can't be removed, but he keeps it covered. It is the last remaining reminder of the Mydarian people.

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PostSubject: Re: Long, Kent   Long, Kent I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 13, 2014 3:46 pm

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Long, Kent
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